Is Fashion all about looking good? 

Hello gentlemen,

The fact that you’re here reading this post is indeed a confirmation of the fact that you’re a Fashionista just like me.

When talking about fashion and style, the first thing that clicks our mind is looking good. But, is making you look good the sole purpose of fashion?

People would have different answers for this question or for any question as a matter of fact since the basic definition of fashion is still ambiguous and everybody has developed his own favorite version. What I believe might offend many of you Fashionistas reading this, but I do have a point. I think fashion is not all about looking good. Looking good is indeed a part of it, but that’s not all of it.

In fact, ethics and rituals are also a major part of what we call fashion. Fashion depends on what region you live in, what culture you experience and unequivocally what weather you bear.

Imagine going to a formal party wearing a T-shirt and a denim. You look better than that actor you praised in one of your favorite movies. The pair you’re wearing is definitely one of the best denims you own. And, that T-shirt is more expensive than any of the suits others have put on. But, believe me, you would feel like an idiot. That T-shirt and denim aren’t made for formal parties. They, together, serve some other purpose not even near to the one a formal-wear does. Now you know what I mean when I say looking good is one of the many facets of fashion.

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