The Color Game

When talking of fashion and dressing sense, the first thing that comes to our mind is buying the expensive clothes which is not true in any way. The fact that the expensive items do have a fine quality cannot be denied. But neither it can be accepted that every expensive item you buy and wear would make you look fashionable.

We already discussed that just because you look good doesn’t mean you look fashionable. If you haven’t read that blog before please go here. In the same sense, just because you buy expensive doesn’t mean you look good.

Enough of the talks, let’s get straight to the point. We have grown up watching our mothers, sisters and aunts matching colors to the accessories they wear. It can’t be denied that every little thing mattered. So is the case with men’s clothing. You just cannot haphazardly wear a denim and a T-shirt without thinking of the colors. There are proper matching guidelines that we should follow.

Let me introduce you to the basic color wheel on which we would be demonstrating today’s talk.


1. Complementary Colors

Let’s start with the easiest first. Being an engineer I would resort to geometry to discuss the game. What? you would find it difficult? Believe me, it would be easier to understand. Complementary colors are those which lie on the opposite ends of a single straight line. This line divides the circle in two halves.


Let’s take this for example. Red and Green divide the circle in two equal halves. These two are complementary colors and form a good match. Look at this tie and pocket square set for an example.

2. Analogous Colors

Those of you readers who are English freaks or have already gone through this word know what it means. It means quite similar or comparable. When talking of the color wheel, you can see there are three primary colors — Red, Green and Blue — and the rest being mongrels of the primary with black or white color.


This blue shirt for example is a perfect fit for this blue-green chinos.

3. Triad Colors

Triad colors are colors which break the circle in three equal parts. The line will make an angle of 120 degrees with the adjacent line. There, I make it easier for those who know maths. What about those who don’t? Let me add a picture for your understanding.


Triad colors are most difficult to pull off. This is what I think different people might have different notions apropos this. Triad colors if not properly matched, can make you look funky at time and extremely formal or boring at other times depending on what three colors you choose. Anyhow, I tried my best to come up with these three articles which I think one can pull off with a fit body and a confident personality.


Fashion might have some guidelines but I don’t think it would have rules because it limits the scope. Whereas fashion is thinking out of the box and trying new things. The same goes here with this little thing we discussed. It is not always necessary to follow these three guidelines that I mentioned. In fact, you might find many other guidelines on the internet apropos the color wheel and color schemes that you may want to follow — I just mentioned those which made sense to me. And being very frank, you don’t have to follow any guidelines if you are good at pulling off anything you have in your wardrobe.

I know, we haven’t discussed the neutrals in this blog. We shall be discussing that soon. I just have to do my homework on the said topic. Till then, keep entwining your self in fashion.

And I would be more than happy to know about the color schemes you have tried and were praised for. Jot down the out of the box ideas you have in the comments down below.




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