The Difference between Dress Pants and Chinos

People, today we are talking about the topic which has confused us all our life. If you already know, what’s the difference between the mentioned two, then believe me, you do not have to go through this little piece. But wait; do you know enough?

Do you know which one to wear where, what fits better and what distinguishes them? No? Then dive in.

We, together, have to explore about these two things we have been intermixing all our life. Simply put, there are three main differences between the two.

1. Fabric:

Yes, the fabric. When talking about chinos they are usually 100 % lightweight cotton twill or a cotton blend whereas dress pants these days are made up of a synthetic blend or wool.

2. Fitting:

Fitting is something we all look for. Remember wearing baggy and loose trousers with your suits? Those are dress pants. In fact, dress pants are the pants which come with your suit. Others which are similar but do not come with the suit are usually called slacks. By now, you have gauged it. Yes, chinos fit better. They have a low rise and are indeed slimmer.

3. Purposes:

The main talk is here. What purpose do they serve. The chinos were considered casual and are indeed casual but a bit more formal than khakis. Whereas dress pants or, say, dress slacks are made to be worn in formal occasions.

Chinos these days are considered all rounders. You can put them on with your polo. You can dress them up with a jacket. And, if you’re going to a meeting you can also pull them off with a button-up shirt and a tie. Want to look more classy? Buy some matching suspenders and rock them where ever you go. Be it a party or a dinner with your friends.



Extra tip: On internet you would find a number of articles where bloggers mention that dress slacks might come pleated or  flat whereas chinos always come flat. That is not true. I might have believed that but I recently bought a slim pleated chino from a renowned brand in Pakistan and that’s the reason I didn’t mention it in the differences between dress pants and chinos.

Pleated front chinos.jpg
Pleated front chino trousers



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